Where to eat in Regensburg – Essen in Regensburg – Kam se jít najíst v Regensburgu

During our stay in Regensburg, we gathered an extensive information on various restaurants, cafés and other places – check out the page avilable through the menu. It is not very likely that the list will get much updates in the future (since we are moving out), but it might be of some help for people who don’t know Regensburg so well and need to find a decent place to have a lunch or dinner. I remember one of my first visits to the town. Even though there are tens of suitable places in the center and its surroundings, we really had a hard time finding something reasonable…

Where to eat in Langenfeld (Rhld.)– Essen in Langenfeld (Rhld.) – Kam se jít najíst v Langenfeldu (Rhld.)

Following the habit of writing up the experience with restaurants in Regensburg, a new page (see menu) was created after our move to Langenfeld (Rhld.). This place is much smaller, so such a guide might be of even greater importance – whereas Regensburg is full of restaurants and cafes, the situation is much worse here. This is, however, compensated by the fact that we live in a really large aglomeration – the cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf are close, so the page will most probably include also tips for eating “outside”.