Other Publications

Other Publications – Theses, Books, ‘Media Appearances’…

[6] Chemical & Engineering News published an article concerning the ‘Hofmeister affairs’. Among others, the work done during my Ph.D. studies in Prague is discussed there. Moreover, one of the figures is coming from our study of proteins solvated in salt solutions. The article entitled A Renaissance For Hofmeister by Elizabeth K. Wilson can be found here (subscription is needed to access the article).

[5] Vrbka L., Theoretical study of ions at phase interfaces (Ph.D. thesis), 2007, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry and Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic (abstract PDF, thesis PDF, defense PDF,LaTeX source .tar.bz2)

[4] Vrbka L., Jungwirth P., Molecular simulations of water freezing: Brine rejection and homogeneous nucleation; in Kuhs W. F. (Ed.), Physics and Chemistry of Ice, 2007, Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing, ISBN (print) 978-0-85404-350-7, ISBN (online) 978-1-84755-777-3, doi:10.1039/9781847557773

[3] German scientific portal Wissenschaft.de mentions our work on the brine rejection in this article (the pdf printout of the article can be found here in case the original page is no longer available).

[2] Vrbka L., Classical and quantum dynamics (project report for the course held at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics), 2004, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic and Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic (PDF, LaTeX source .tar.bz2)

[1] Vrbka L., Conformational behaviour of flexible molecules with two chromophores (diploma thesis), 2003, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic (PDF, LaTeX source .tar.bz2)